Wildlife Nature is all around you in the Connemara: easily accessible mountain trails, long beaches to stroll along, lake shores on which to linger, watching the solemn and regal movements of the swans, brown bogs made multi-coloured by the blossoming of flowers with incredible colours .... Please, note: do not upset such a serene beauty with a careless behaviour! If you have breakfast in your backpack, take your waste home, if you encounter animals don't tease them, keeping the correct distance to observe them without scaring (considering that many species are extremely confident toward man!) and please, do not pick up flowers to make them wither miserably after a few hours in a glass of water ... Nature will thank you for your attention, rewarding you with emotions and feelings of extraordinary depth and with the memory of meetings that will remain in your heart for a long time.

From May until September-October the Irish nature will surprise you with its green fields dotted with wildflowers, pastures full of daisies, or blooming ornamental bushes in the gardens ... even the bog revives its brownish color with a snowfall of bog-cotton, while the slopes of mountains are covered with heather and gorse and blossoming rhododendrons frame both majestic architectural structures and derelict ruins of old cottages. A true paradise for botanists, who will find here some rare species, such as Saint Dabeoc heather or Irish lady's Tress.

Apart from the constant presence of domestic animals, such as sheep, cattle, horses and donkeys, Connemara offers to careful and respectful walkers the possibility to meet a number of species: hares, foxes, red deers, badges and Irish stoats. The keenest birdwatchers will easily spot not only the most common birds - stonechat, chaffinch, robin, starling, greenfinch, bullfinch, sparrow - but also species particularly elusive and difficult to identify, such as the Corncrake or the Red-billed Chough.



The Irish Stoat photos are courtesy of Dermot Breen