A charming, small town nestled in the Renvyle Peninsula, in the heart of Connemara, whose Gaelic name "Tulach na Croise" means "Cross on the hill". Here you can find everything to satisfy your necessities, from Renvyle Thatched Cottages, a row of traditional cottages to rent, up to the mechanic (and, traveling on uneven Irish roads, you sometimes really need him ...).
The local Church has beautiful stained glass windows by Irish artist Harry Clarke, and there are two nice pubs: Paddy Coyne's and The Anglers Rest. Beside Maol Reidh Hotel has recently opened "The white strand" restaurant, where you can find a nice choice of "pub grub".
If you are fans of Gaelic football, be sure to frequent the local sports field, where you can happen to watch some matches between local or amateur's teams (even groups of tender chick-looking children fighting like roosters!).
Admirers of Ogham stone appreciate the stele placed on the crossroads right at the entrance of the village, which is engraved with ancient symbols meaning "Gurteenaclough, i.e. little garden of stones".
Further on the road leading to Renvyle, there is the tiny village of Tully, yet big enough to have its well-stocked supermarket with petrol station (if you need some turf to heat your cottage, here you can buy the briquettes, which burn producing less smoke, at the expense of the characteristic scent ...).
For horseracing lovers, there is also a riding school, "The Diamonds", which offers great horseback riding in the surroundings. The eclectic owners also run the restaurant and the bar next door, as well as the Diamonds Fisheries, an import/export company of fresh and frozen seafood products.