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Sometimes words are not enough to fully evoke the beauty of a landscape, the strong community bonds among the people who inhabit it, the traditions that make it alive and challenging, constantly evolving and yet firmly rooted in the past. For this reason at Seanchaí Editions we prefer relying on the evocative power of images to illustrate the magical atmosphere of Connemara.
Connemara is a state of mind: whatever is, it fits like a glove to what you feel in your heart and your mind from moment to moment; you can wear it as a garment in which you feel perfectly at ease, you can live it with the same cozy intimacy of your domestic hearth; it is an ever-changing sky that lives within you and dances and sings to the sound of your personal inner music ...
An Irish proverb says “An rud a líonas an tsúil líonann sé an croí - What fills the eyes, fills the heart”: living in Connemara, whether for a few hours or for a whole life, will make you realise the truth in these words.

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