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This pleasant village (whose Irish name An Cladach dubh means the black beach) stands opposite to Omey Island, from which it is separated by a strip of beach that can be crossed at low tide on foot or by car. The famous Omey Races are held here in August.
The island of Omey -Iomaidh- deserves a trip, but be aware of the tide timetable! If you're compelled to stay on the island, there are no pubs where enjoying a pint of Guinness but, while waiting for low tide, you can visit the ruins of the church of San Feichin, a saint still fervently venerated by locals. The Gaelic name for the island, Iomaidh Feichin actually means bed of Feichin.
The coastal area lying between Cleggan and Claddaghduff is known as Aughrus Peninsula, and offers impressive views of the ocean and the islands.

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