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The village rises between the shores of Glendalough and Derryclare Lakes. Here you'll find a service station, a convenience store, a post office and a well-stocked gift shop of items made of Connemara marble, coming from the quarries scattered on the surrounding Twelve Bens.
The village also hosts a gigantic statue personifying Connemara Just touch the hand of this gentle giant if you need a bit of the ancient knowledge of Connemara tribe!
A few kilometers after Recess, along the way to Galway, there is a narrow road on the left leading to a magical place on the Maamturk mountains, named Máméan. From here Saint Patrick blessed all Connemara; the devotion to the Patron Saint of Ireland is renewed on 17th March and in August; on these occasions, locals coming from the surroundings gather here to take part to the Holy Mass and the to pray in front of the little chapel and the stone bed of St. Patrick.

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